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We take individual care of each and every machine-washable laundry item, including clothing, linens, blankets, delicates and comforters. In addition to that, you can specify your laundry preferences, and we make sure that your clothes are taken care of just the way you like it.

We exclusively do finery washing, which means that we treat and wash every order separately. We use an extremely prime and smooth detergent, we also use colour protective materials.

Use of fabric softener and starch can be requested.

If it is necessary, we bleach the clothes, however during this technology we always take the features of the textiles into consideration regarding the appropriate temperature, the centrifugation rpm and drying procedure. We are also licensed for cleaning special textiles used in doctors’ or medical practice, pharmacies etc.

Our services are not limited to individuals, we also partner with hospitality businesses such as hotels, motels, guesthouses, restaurants, etc.

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