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Laundry centre

In our laundry located in the IV. district of Budapest we clean textiles on the spot. Here we use high-quality machines, such as Miele, Schultness, Alliance and Renzacci, which are operated by our colleagues with decades of experience.

These machines and their complex cleaning functions are optimised by our valued colleagues thanks to their knowledge and precision. In some cases, textiles are pretreated by hand and with proper detergents to perfect the process.

Green laundry

The benefit of green cleaning is that it has nearly the same efficiency as dry cleaning, but thanks to this process people with allergies, sensitive skin or dermatitis are also able to enjoy their fresh textiles freely.

During dry cleaning, the machine uses an exclusive solvent material to remove contamination from the top layers of the textile. The machine’s entire program is controlled by computer, and the cleaning is done in a closed-loop system.

This process is environmental friendly. Clean and slightly contaminated solvent materials are kept in different containers; therefore environmentally protection and thriftiness are combined in one machine.

Logistics - Deadlines

Clean laundry can be collected at our pick-up locations. For specialised delivery plans, please feel free to contact us!

Regarding deadlines, we try our best to meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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