Dry Cleaning

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The identification of each textile begins with the inspection of its guide. If everything is clear, stain treatment is applied, and purifier is added based on the level of contamination. Stain treatment is made only with industrial chemicals specialised for such purpose and the type of contamination.

Stains are easier to remove if they are fresh and if the least amount of DIY processes were used on them. Homemade wonder materials usually cause much more harm than good! Dry cleaning is done with the use of perchloroethylene. This is an environmentally friendly technology, as our machines use a closed-loop system.

In some cases, cleaned clothes are stain treated again, after that they are ironed, steamed and hanged. There are some very rare occasions when stains become “non-removable” as the stain and the textile start a chemical reaction or the stain becomes insoluble.

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